Renovation Multi-housing, Den Helder

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Pura® NFC
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Pura® NFC
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Multi Housing Apartments
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1783 EG
Den Helder
Designed to withstand the North Sea winds

These post-war homes were revitalised using durable sidings from Pura® NFC by Trespa. The owner’s choice was based on the siding’s ability to withstand wind, rain and salty sea air. They were pleased by their collaboration with Trespa, which included constructing long siding strips (3650 mm) for vertical placement, as well as installation training and support.

Den Helder is a harbour town at the northernmost tip of Holland, surrounded by the blustery North Sea. At an average of a metre above sea level and with 40mm rainfall in the driest month, it’s a challenging climate for buildings. The Den Helder Housing Foundation knew first-hand what the climate would do to wood siding on their homes, but they wanted to keep that natural wood feel. They chose Pura® NFC by Trespa for its cosy appearance and its engineered durability and ventilated façade system that combine to resist weather deterioration.

Axel Boon of the Den Helder Housing Foundation was happy to find Pura® NFC after a search that had yielded more expensive siding options than they’d hoped. “It was closer to budget,” he said, “and had a lot more positives: almost no maintenance and we’ll never have to paint it.” The Foundation decided on a combination of the lighter Siberian Larch (PU28) and rich Slate Ebony (PU22).

The next question was the best installation solution for the houses. Ipex, an international fastening system developer and supplier, worked with Trespa to develop a customised subframe solution. It involved finding a way to fix the vertical siding that left windows unimpeded. Trespa was able to deliver longer sidings to ensure that the houses’ appearance would be maintained.

The Foundation had planned on a wood back structure but realised through its collaboration with Ipex and Trespa that an aluminium structure would serve them better. As Sander Bremer of Ipex noted, “The uniqueness in this project was the willingness of the client to think from a different perspective.”

Trespa stayed on throughout as a partner, helping ensure a smooth process. The sidings were delivered in wood boxes for easy reuse, and Trespa took the leftovers back to reduce waste by using them to make samples.

Now, the Den Helder Housing Foundation is looking ahead to years of low-maintenance beauty for their homes near the stormy sea.

Image: before and after renovation

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