Entrance building

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Pura® NFC
Romantic Walnut
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Pura® NFC
Slate Ebony
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Lub znajdź dealera
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LA | Architecten Ingenieurs
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6002 SM Weert

Trespa International, Entrance building 

When it came time to build a new entrance building at our production site in Weert, we used our favourite building material: ours. We asked architect Sanne van der Berg to create a visually striking building where employees and visitors could change from their street clothes to access the laboratory or the manufacturing centre. The architect used two decors from Pura® NFC by Trespa to create a beautiful piece of architecture that conveys volume through saturated dark colours. “The inset stands for the building’s inner skin, and the material’s warm wood colour accentuates the entrance,” van der Berg explained. She achieved this balanced effect by using the richly saturated colour of Pura PU22 Slate Ebony to give the façade mass, with an inlay of Pura PU08 Romantic Walnut to create a highlight. 

He explains that he travels a lot through Northern Europe and is fascinated by its architecture and the use of ventilated façades in private homes. The technique wasn’t new to him since he already applied it several times in his work for industrial warehouses and offices. He felt that the ventilated façade was just what he needed for his home and so he asked his architect to include it in the design. “On the Trespa website I saw a project which was quite similar to what I had in mind: a ventilated façade with sidings in different wood tones. This convinced me that what I had in mind for a long time was actually possible.”

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