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Trespa Webinar Wattbaan Nieuwegein

, 19 May 2021 - 11:27

Giving office buildings a new lease on life: how to repurpose an outdated property into a highly attractive apartment complex

On June 8th from 16.00-16.50, join the architects Jurrien de Mik and Thomas Roelandts for an exclusive webinar on a red hot topic

Over the last few years, the idea of turning former office space into residential units has been gaining considerable traction. For a while already, there has been no shortage of office buildings that have outlived their usefulness. At the same time, well located, affordable housing is getting out of reach, especially in larger cities. In addition, while life slowly reverts to normal, experts increasingly consider that off-site office work is here to stay: as a result, many companies see an opportu­nity to downsize expensive office space. For commercial landlords facing an unpre­cedented slump in demand, repurposing their properties into residential real estate might become an increasingly attractive option.


In such a context, the Wattbaan project in Nieuwegen, which was completed in 2018, can be considered a trailblazer. Located in the Netherlands, the project proves that upcycling done right is a winning strategy across the board. Applied to architecture, it optimises resource alloca­tion, cuts down on grey energy, lowers environmental impact, fast-tracks the revitalisation of neighbourhoods and counters urban sprawl.

Jurrien de Mik of D&M architecten adviseurs was in charge of the Wattbaan project. He will go into the details of the goals, the process and the results. Thomas Roelandts of Marge Architecten won the ‘Rookie Award’ at the Belgian Building Awards 2020. He will present the standpoint of the rising generation on an approach bound to have a major impact in coming years. The webinar will be moderated by Rik Neven of and followed by a round of questions open to all participants.

Wattbaan Wattbaan Wattbaan

The exchanges will focus in particular on the environmental relevance of the Wattbaan project – as a highly sustainable option to create high-quality, afforda­ble and energy-efficient living space. It will also underline the contribution that repurposing former office buildings can make to the objectives of the Renovation Wave for Europe. Launched by the European Commission in October, 2020, this long term initiative aims at fostering building renovation across Europe in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve the quality of living spaces, address energy poverty and generate new ‘green’ jobs in signifi­cant numbers.

The webinar will also emphasise the aesthetic dimension of the Wattbaan project. Starting with a building stripped down to its structural elements, the team at D&M has created a stunning complex of 96 apartments. Clad with Trespa® Meteon® panels, the façade is not only almost maintenance-free and exception­ally durable : by playing with dark grey panels in two finish options of the Lumen collection, the architects have achieved sophisticated visual effects and an upscale look & feel that entirely belie the building’s humble origin – to say nothing of an added value that will benefit the building in the long term.

Register now to take part in the webinar and gain new insights into highly promising archi­tec­tural possibilities, We will send you by return the required Youtube link to join us on June 8th.