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A Dialogue of Buildings

Santiago , CHile
, 01 Jun 2018 - 15:19

The Kennedy Plaza is an impressive and modern structure composed by two twin towers connected to each other and the beautiful city of Santiago de Chile. Is amazing how this five stars office building gives the sense of greatness and elegance to the companies in there.


The Plannea Group architects, Rodrigo Dominguez and José Antonio Coeymans, were the responsible for this design, commanded by the vision of Bernardo Valdés, who was the main investor of INCOVA real estate (the owner firm of the project) unfortunately he passed away at the end of 2016. According to the architects he said:  "I want to make a contribution, a building with a great structure, surrounded by vegetation with spaces where the people can share. I want to create a positive impact, my main focus is not profitability" and with this last comment he gave them “chipe libre”, that in Chilean means: “free hand to innovate no matter what”.  

"The concept of Kennedy Plaza is a well-defined urban space, both towers should talk with the buildings around pretending to be a game as lego pieces, the figures fits and provide harmony to the community", José Antonio Coeymans explains. The most relevant and challenging goal to achieve in this project was "this communication between the city and the building, we need to combine urban life with this twin structure".

For Rodrigo Dominguez, the fact that Santiago de Chile weather is not as extreme as other cities in the world, should be taken into account to create a ventilated facade that allows air pass through and prevent that temperature doesn´t reach uncomfortable levels for people.  "We think about our geography, because we are different, it´s a basic rule in the construction field”, Rodrigo said.

A Special Warranty

They need to find a simple and resistance covered material for the façade of the building. In their experience, pollution could ruin the look and feel of the project, they realize that in a city like Santiago dust it’s a common fact that they need to face. Choosing the wrong material to cover the building could increase the cost of maintenance, for that reason, Trespa® Meteon® Metallics seems to be the right choice.  "The Trespa plaque gives us a guarantee about the conservation of the building. Trespa smooth plaques aren´t able to accumulate dust, they look good and allow the building to breath”.

The decision to use Trespa® Meteon® Metallics wasn´t a coincidence, they already knew the brand and several other Trespa products but they had never used it before. They were contacted by the trespa sales representative in Chile, Rodrigo Gana, who advised them on the advantages of meteon, led them to see the result in finishing buildings and give them the engineering arguments that they needed. Gana´s support allows them to visualize the results of this project and finally make a decision. “The real estate company wanted to innovate and use Trespa Meteon Metallics made the difference”.  José Antonio Said.

The Heights Connect

Given the seismic context of any construction in Chile, the structural engineer team in charge of the design of the metallic bridge that connect both towers needed to use a new program called TEKLA. This program allows them to be more accurate connecting the elements between the towers and making the bridge strong enough to resist an earthquake. The major challenge appears during the building phase, because while the towers were separate they wouldn´t be able to move together as they were design if a seismic oscillation occurred, for this reason  “that connection was vital to decrease risks during a movement of the earth “ comments José Antonio.

"No Copy Pasted"

Rodrigo Dominguez, one of the leaders of the project, with more than 20 years of career, thinks that the future of architecture in Latin America is based on self-evaluation of the geography itself. He said that architects need to know the development of each country to understand the new ways of doing business, work and living, because that knowledge will provide them the input to make better buildings and places. "Social changes require spaces that fit in, make them sustainable and making people happy at the same time. When you take enough time to think and do the job well, you can get the best results”.

Rodrigo´s philosophy is develops projects "well documented, responsible and not copy-pasted". His vision is generates a healthy synergy triangle between the investors, the architect and the builder. 

Trespa façade cladding panels

Trespa façade cladding panels

Trespa façade cladding panels

Trespa façade cladding panels


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