Casa Nespolo

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Arch. Marco Bo
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Via I Maggio 24

Project of the year 2023 - Casa Nespolo

Casa Nespolo, situated in Rivoli, Italy, has been recognised as Trespa International’s Project of the Year 2023, standing as a testament to the integration of contemporary art within residential living spaces. The project emerged from a collaboration between two established construction companies in Turin’s metropolitan area and Prof. Ugo Nespolo, an acclaimed painter, sculptor, and lover of beauty in art. The goal was to create not just a real estate investment, but an ‘artefact’ that embodies a “macro-design” concept, immersed in a green park, in the centre of Rivoli, close to the most important services.

Facing the challenge of integrating modern living within a specific urban context, the selection of Trespa® Meteon® panels played an important role due to their durability, low maintenance, and aesthetic versatility. These panels allowed the designers to achieve a contemporary look with vibrant colours and distinctive shapes that harmonize with the building’s environment, striking a balance between innovation and tradition.

"Trespa was chosen for its wide variety of colours available, different shades of green, to create the idea of a vertical forest in movement," explained architect Marco Bo. "Trespa panels allowed to be cut in non-standard shapes that gave a sense of movement generated by the wind."

The construction of Casa Nespolo was guided by principles of sustainability and energy efficiency. Using Trespa® Meteon® panels, the project demonstrates a commitment to reducing environmental impact while ensuring aesthetic appeal and structural integrity.

Andrea Zanarella, Region Manager Trespa Italia, commented, "Casa Nespolo has won Trespa's 2023 Project of the Year award thanks to the high level of design, the commitment and competency of the stakeholders involved, and the top-class quality of Trespa panels. This project is the perfect example of how flexible and versatile Trespa panels are. With Trespa, architects can achieve the design freedom they are looking for."

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