Trespa and Sustainability

Trespa International is a global, leading manufacturer of panels for exterior cladding, decorative façades, and scientific surface solutions.

Trespa’s management and employees put the License to Operate (LTO) first in their strategic priorities. Trespa’s LTO includes: 

  • Health and safety of its employees and the local community.
  • Product compliance to meet regulatory requirements.
  • Transparent reporting and appropriate behaviour by employees.
  • Sustainability and the preservation of the environment.

Although the LTO is ultimately the responsibility of the top management at Trespa, commitment of all employees is required to ensure that these issues are properly addressed. Sustainability became part of Trespa’s LTO strategy in 2010, following an initial survey of the environmental impact of the production site. 

Philisophy and Beliefs

Sustainable development provides Trespa with challenges as well as new opportunities.

Common sense
Like other business decisions, Trespa will use a common sense approach in addressing the topic of sustainable development. Our sustainability strategy is based on thorough assessment of environmental impact.

Objective and fact based
Trespa believes in objective and fact based analysis and uses a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) to map its environmental footprint. Trespa trusts that the LCA according to ISO 14040 and ISO 14044 is currently the most objective and fact based method to assess its environmental footprint.  

Integral part of business planning and review cycle
Trespa will set priorities based on its LCA and agree to realistic but challenging targets to achieve change. All sustainability initiatives have been integrated into Trespa’s rolling business planning and review cycle in line with other license to operate topics. 

Certifications and Other Documents 

For more information about the current certifications, environmental product declarations (EPD’s) and other documents please visit

Materializing Sustainability V5.0
Trespa Sustainability Position Paper v5.0
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