Trespa Second Life Programme

Sustainability is a key part of Trespa’s strategy. Over the years, Trespa has put a lot of effort into monitoring and improving environmental performance. Trespa now launches the Trespa Second Life Programme, where façade panels - instead of being discarded as waste after use - can be reused as material for many other applications.

The core element of Trespa’s sustainability policy is the creation of high-quality and durable products. If a product is durable, it lasts longer and the environmental impact and costs of its production are spread over a longer time. This effectively saves resources and energy and reduces waste and emissions. The longer a product lasts, the more the environment benefits. The benefits of durable products often outweigh disposables in terms of environmental impact, because the latter requires continuous replacement. 

Putting buildings up, renovating them, taking them down – all these activities have a substantial environmental footprint. Trespa’s panels, when finally taken down, are regularly intended to be discarded as waste, while often these high quality materials maintain their structural functionality or even aesthetic value beyond their lifespan in a given building. 

As a further contribution to sustainability, Trespa has sought for more ways to reduce its environmental impact and to extend the life cycle of its products beyond the lifespan in a given building. Therefore Trespa decided to create the Trespa Second Life Programme to encourage the reuse of its panels as material for other applications. Reusing the panels means extending its lifetime and reducing its environmental impact further by avoiding resource and energy use. It is the next step towards a completely circular product. Once the programme is launched, the programme shall be open for to owners of buildings with Trespa
® façade cladding, subject to eligibility, registration and a small fee. 

Trespa is currently developing its programme and evaluating options for reuse of the material. It shall issue periodical communications about the developments. Trespa hopes that our stakeholders - architects, designers, installer, distributors and building owners alike – share the enthusiasm about this opportunity to make a contribution. We invite you to fill in the forms on our website which allows us to keep you informed about our programme and to share your ideas.