TRESPA® METEON® UNI COLOURS - cladding panels

"Endless Colours."

Colour on façades can tell a story, play with contours and volumes, break up surfaces and create captivating rhythms. You can employ a façade covering to assign different identities to parts of a building, to designate specific functionalities - or simply make things more attractive. Trespa offers a broad selection of bright, long-lasting colours for façades. If desired, we can provide Trespa® Meteon® in colours created especially for your project.

Trespa® Meteon® Uni Colours Decors:

whitesCreamsYellowGreensBlues & GreysRed

       Whites              Creams               Yellows              Greens                Blues                 Reds   

Project colours

For the Meteon® Uni Colours Trespa is happy to create panels in bespoke colours for your project. Almost anything is possible, just tell us what you need. For more information please contact your local Trespa representative.

Trespa® Meteon® Uni Colours Projects: 


Decor: Trespa® Meteon® : A03.0.0 White, A04.0.2 Pale Yellow , A04.1.7 Gold Yellow , A10.1.8 Red Orange , A16.5.1 Mauve , A22.2.4 Powder Blue , A37.2.3 Spring Green.


Decor: Trespa® Meteon® : A04.0.2 Pale Yellow, A04.0.5 Zinc Yellow, A04.1.7 Gold Yellow, A05.1.4 Sun Yellow, A08.2.3 Salmon, A08.4.5 Rusty Red, A10.1.8 Red Orange, A12.1.8 Passion Red, A12.3.7 Carmine Red, A12.6.3 Wine Red, A21.5.4 Cobalt Blue, A22.1.6 Royal Blue, A22.2.4 Powder Blue, A22.4.4 Brilliant Blue, A22.6.2 Dark Denim, A24.0.3 Polar Blue - Phased out, A26.5.4 Pacific, A32.7.2 Dark Green, A33.3.6 Brilliant Green, A36.3.5 Turf Green, A37.0.8 Lime Green, A37.2.3 Spring Green, A41.0.6 Mojito Green.

Through its colours, Trespa offers the words to tell a story with the facade.

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