Meteon® metallics emphasise Trespa®’s premium appearance, and can introduce subtle differences between panels when installed at different angles. Meteon® Lumen offers architects the opportunity to bring designs to life with reflections of light. Each innovative Meteon® Focus design brings its own story of inspiration, and can be used to create new façades with a high-end aesthetic.

Abstract variations:

As a market leader in façade cladding, trespa is continuously developing. Innovations in materials allow us to offer you new looks for the façades of today and tomorrow. Architects can design with new abstract effects and different surface finishes. 

Trespa® Meteon® Metallics Decors:

deep copperurban brownmustard yellowurban greycopper yellowamberaluminium greycopper redmalachite greengraphite greyazurite bluetitanium bronzetitanium silver

To experience the Metallic effect and the effect of the Focus finishes we advise you to order a sample.

Project Colours:

For the Meteon® Metallics and Lumen, Trespa is happy to create panels in bespoke colours for your project. Almost anything is possible, just tell us what you need. For more information please contact your local Trespa representative.

Trespa® Meteon® Metallics Projects: 


Decor: Trespa® Meteon® M51.0.2 Urban Grey.     

metallics metallics

Decor: Trespa®  Meteon® M06.4.1 Amber.

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