"Trespa® Izeon® panels have been developed specifically for finishing homes and small structures, both for new build and refurbishment projects."

Trespa® Izeon® product range is available in RAL colours, making it easier to combine it or match it with other parts of the buildings.

optimal-panel-sizes-trespa-izeon Optimal Panel Size 

Trespa® Izeon® is available in two panel sizes:

  • 2130 x 1420 mm (single-sided)
  • 3050 x 1530 mm (single or double-sided)

Panels are only available with a 6 mm thickness.

save-strong-trespa-izeon Solid and Sturdy

Trespa® Izeon® panels are highly scratch and impact resistant, guaranteeing a beautiful end-result.

easy-to-machine-and-install-trespa-izeon Easy to Machine and Install

Trespa® Izeon® is easy to saw. For example, it can be cut with the special DeWalt saw blades developed jointly with Trespa. No further machining will be needed.

Since-1960-trespa-izeon Tested Trespa® Quality

As other Trespa products for exteriors, Trespa® Izeon® panels have a long lifetime, are easy to clean, perform exceptionally well outdoors, and come with a 10-year conditional Product Guarantee.

RAL7039 Quartz GreyRAL9005 Jet BlackRAL9010 Pure WhiteRAL7037 Dusty GreyRAL9001 CreamRAL7030 Stone GreyRAL7016 Anthracite GreyRAL7021 Black GreyRAL6009 Fir GreenRAL5011 STEEL BLUERAL7022 UMBRA GREYRAL7035 LIGHT GREYRAL9016 TRAFFIC WHITE


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