The story of Trespa’s global journey started 60 years ago. Initially a local producer of chipboards, the company quickly turned to the high-pressure laminate market. Its rich history, characterized by passion and hard work, has led the company to draw from experience and be at forefront of the market innovation and the creative design process.

1960 - 1970: The formative years

German timber merchant Hermann Krages founds Thermopal, a manufacture of high-pressure laminates in Weert, The Netherlands.

The sales organisation is established for The Netherlands.

The panel factory starts with two presses, two impregnation lines and a resin tower.

First panels sold under the trade name of Trespa.

Launch of Trespa Volkern, a 12mm thick, fully homogenous and strong laminate ideal for desktops.

Trespa Volkern is tested outdoors and it is used as sunshade for an office building in Delft, The Netherlands. This marks the production of panels for exterior application.

1970 - 1990: The changing and innovative years

Establishment of the first European branch in Belgium. Germany (1980), United Kingdom (1983) and France (1988) will follow.

Introduction of “Dry Forming,” a new patented production technology for core materials based on natural fibres and phenolic resin. The process partly replaces the impregnation of Kraft paper.

The development and patent of the Electron Beam Curing (EBC) technology allows Trespa to switch from a melamine surface to a high quality coating system that makes panels more durable and gives a high colour stability. The innovation pushes the launch of Trespa Volkern G2.

1990 - present: The exploring and inspiring years

Trespa Volkern G2, Trespa Sanitary, Trespa Furniture and Trespa Laboratory are replaced by Trespa® Meteon®, Trespa® Athlon®, and Trespa® TopLab®.

Trespa International B.V. is born.

Trespa International B.V. is acquired by HAL Holding NV.

Trespa North America Ltd. is created as the first non-European branch.

Launch of Trespa® TopLab®PLUS, high-performing surfaces for laboratory worktops.

A 30-compartment press is put into production, the largest press in the world at that time.

Introduction of Trespa® Meteon® Wood Decors.

Trespa obtains ISO 14001 certification.

Launch of “Perspectives,” a communication and inspirational platform for architects which focuses on three design concepts: Depth, Character and Rhythm.

Opening of the Trespa Design Centre in New York, United States. Trespa also introduces the ZF panel size (4270 x 2130 mm).

Trespa receives the Design Management Europe Award.

Opening of the Trespa Design Centre in Barcelona, Spain. The Trespa Design Centre in Santiago, Chile, will follow in 2012.

The Matt finish, which gives the panels a matt look from every angle, is introduced.

Development of the Trespa® Meteon® with Solar Reflectance Technology, which improves the heat reflection of the building envelope.

Development of the Electron Beam Curing (EBC) 2 line, further improving the quality of the surfaces and increasing production capacity. Trespa Pura NFC® cladding is introduced to the market.

Trespa celebrates its 60th birthday!
Trespa has realized the most amazing projects across the globe, and is looking forward to developing many more façade projects featuring Trespa® Meteon®, Trespa PURA NFC®, or Trespa® Izeon, as well as shaping the scientific world with the Trespa® TopLab® range.

Trespa 60th Anniversary!