Weert, Netherlands
 -  09 Mar 2018 - 16:20

Trespa is proud to announce that a new contest in collaboration with Design Academy of Eindhoven is now open.

The scope of the competition is to develop an original design for façade cladding that is both timeless and new and that evokes the concept of 'coincidental compositions' and/or 'traces', which are the inspiration behind the Trespa® Meteon® Focus collection.

Trespa Meteon

Creating an ‘eco-neighborhood’: Les Passerelles in Cran-Gevrier

 -  08 Feb 2018 - 00:00

Global harmony and lasting coherence

Cran-Gevrier’s ‘Les Passerelles’ district brings new life to a former industrial wasteland. Along the river Thiou, where a paper mill once stood, an ambitious 45,000 square meter urban renewal project which focuses strongly on respect for the environment is bringing new housing and economic activity.

Trespa Meteon Lumen


Weert, the Netherlands
 -  08 Feb 2018 - 00:00

Inspiration in one colour

In May 2015, Bureau d’Architecture Christophe Sechehaye began to convert two existing properties into a building with two apartments and an architectural office. The aim was to create a building that gently draws the attention of passers-by while creating a bird’s eye view of the neighbourhood for the people inside.

Trespa Scientific Surface Solution - Tradeline

Trespa intensifies contact with decision-makers at Tradeline College and University Science & Engineering Facilities

Weert, the Netherlands
 -  15 Dec 2017 - 11:40

Presence at conferences is a key instrument for Trespa International B.V. to establish and boost contact with planners and decision-makers. The manufacturer of high-quality laboratory panels once again successfully achieved this aim at this Tradeline exhibition in St. Petersburg, FL, United States.