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Trespa’s Meet and Greet of APAC customers in Singapore

Singapore, Singapore

, 17 Dec 2014 - 16:07

Around 70 customers from Asia attended an information exchange and trend development evening event on the November 27th in Singapore. It was a key meeting for shaping and defining the future of the rapidly changing and diversifying marketplaces in APAC. Engineers, architects, fabricators and furniture manufacturers contributed to the successful event.

The meeting was hosted by Trespa and its Excellence4Lab partners— asecos GmbH , BROEN A/S, and FRIATEC AG. During the event, Trespa introduced its revised Trespa® TopLab® portfolio, which is designed to make it easy for clients to find and select the best product. Combined under the range of "Scientific Surface Solutions", the three Trespa® TopLab® product lines demonstrate the company's focus and strategic orientation. All of the products are available in various industrial formats to ensure customized use and accurate fit.

The TopLab® product range now includes:
- TopLab®PLUS, which has a surface quality with antibacterial properties and is extremely resistant even to most aggressive chemicals. Trespa TopLab®PLUS panels offer a high standard of hygiene, strength and durability and therefore are used worldwide in diverse lab environments including chemical, physical, analytical and microbiological laboratories.
- TopLab®VERTICAL comprises chemically resistant and antibacterial surfaces for vertical applications in functional and laboratory environments, such as fume hoods or splash backs and special covering for modular elements.
- TopLab®BASE is the primary interior quality for all areas where durability along with scratch and wear resistance are of great importance whereas chemical resistance of the surfaces is not critical.

About Excellence4Lab
Excellence4Lab is a strategic cooperation group of four independent companies, all of them leading manufacturers in a particular area of the lab. Actively involved in international working groups, Excellence4Lab develops innovative and sustainable solutions together with the end users to meet the challenges of 21st century laboratories.

With the established cooperation Excellence4Lab, its four industry leaders now wish to combine and demonstrate their common experience and interests in the development and standardization of high-quality laboratory equipment.

The four members of Excellence4Lab are asecos GmbH of Gründau, Germany, which offers a comprehensive program for storing and handling hazardous substances; BROEN A/S, the Danish company specializing in fittings for points of use and distribution for a wide range of liquid and gaseous media; FRIATEC AG of Mannheim, Germany, manufacturing tough bench panels and sinks in technical ceramics along with scrubbers and neutralization systems and Trespa International BV, in the Netherlands, which offers a range of unique surfaces solutions for most demanding applications in functional and laboratory environments, such as worktops and shelving systems, cabinetry, special vertical covering for modular elements and lining of fume hoods and splash backs.