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Trespa at VIP3000 Annual Meeting

Dusslingen, Germany
, 17 Nov 2017 - 15:41

The association “Interessenverband für Pharmabau VIP3000” member meeting and training took place from November 9-10 at Kemmlit Clean room in Dusslingen, Germany. More than 30 members participated and contributed with their insight to the event.

Kemmlit clean room department used the opportunity to introduce their systems and to present their production. Beside this, members gave professional contributions to several specific topics in the clean room industry. Trespa’s Scientific Team held presentation about new Electron Beam Curing Technology and resulting surface characteristics.

“It’s crucial to use all important platforms to inform about Trespa’s innovations as well as unique properties of the Trespa® TopLab® range, which make our scientific surface solutions portfolio suitable for a range of high end applications in clean rooms, laboratories and hospitals,” said Ingo Sternitzke, Global Business Manager at Trespa International.

The 2017 meeting included an evening event at Boxenstop museum, in Tubingen. The museum is a 850 square meter facility with more than 70 historic automobiles in addition to many motorcycles and bicycles.

VIP 3000 is a quality network for cleanrooms and pharmaceutical construction and its main scope is to promote ideas and visions for the market. Its members are leading institutions and companies of the cleanroom industry, as well as suppliers, planners and service providers.

Trespa presentation at VIP3000 meeting    VIP3000 annual meeting

Visit to the Boxenstop museum     Boxenstop museum