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Think Trespa Magazine


, 24 May 2012 - 09:38

‘Think Trespa’ is Trespa’s new worldwide magazine on excellence and meaningful, ventilated façades. The magazine aims to help architects, installers, contractors and clients to shape the world for the future.

The focus of the magazine is on exterior design: façade systems, façade parts and balconies. For both new buildings and renovation. Within ’Think Trespa’ 4 sections are mixed in a harmonious and unconventional way: reference projects, inspirations, technical information, product information.

‘Think Trespa’ shows the connection between architects and installers in exterior projects. It shows our  passion for great forward thinking architecture that matches Trespa’s unique brand and products. ‘Think Trespa’ tells a variety of interesting stories and informs and educates readers whilst at the same time is enjoyable to read.

‘Think Trespa’ means to inspire. Trespa® Meteon® has endless possibilities in its use, forms and colours. ‘Think Trespa’ wants to push the boundaries and excite people via multiple sources of inspiration (images, sketches, close ups, etc).

The values to be found  in the magazine are: Quality, Excellence, Passion, Solutions, Innovation, Knowledge, Co-design, Functionality, Services, Sustainability and Energy Saving.