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Weert, Netherlands
, 09 Nov 2018 - 14:36

Trespa’s 98% reliability of supply within confirmed lead times are made possible by departments working closely together. Planning, presses and planning warehouse & shipping have focused on cooperation, consistency and ongoing improvement, resulting in overall excellence. How have they reached this? Planner hans groels, production operator bart peeters and planner warehouse & shipping emiel op heij share their insights, best practices and ideas going forwards.


hans Groels


“Our seven planners coordinate activities across traffic management, purchasing, production and other departments. We ensure each order reaches its destination in time. In case there’s any risk of materials being late, we adapt our planning. If suppliers experience difficulties or clients place emergency orders, we immediately work out how to tackle this and manage expectations.” 

“An effective approach for timely deliveries.”

“A ‘helicopter view’ is vital, as are good communications skills and diplomacy. Occasionally, you have to make instant decisions and it’s vital everyone understands why. In the ten years I’ve been here, we’ve paid a great deal of attention in communicating with other departments, so we know exactly which challenges they face and how we can help them with our expertise. We’re also always looking for ways of further optimizing processes.

Bart Peeters


“We take care of the very last stage of production, including everything from work permits to machine repairs, from researching quality issues to supporting capacity planning. We provide safety training and tours for new operators. We carry out full weekly inspections, checking everything from chemical storage to the availability of earplugs. Anticipating, an analytical approach and knowledge of different aspects of manufacturing process are vital. Safety and common sense are paramount.” 

“Safety above all.”

“My role is to supervise, make sure everything runs smoothly, and solve any issues. I started in 2005 as an operator, moving up through the ladder. The focus used to be on production volume, but in recent years, more attention is paid to automation and process efficiency.” 

Emiel op HeijEMIEL OP HEIJ

“We examine warehouse planning and transport schedules and prepare products for transport. This takes place in shifts, from early on until late at night. Every morning, we take care of urgent deliveries prepared the previous night. Then, regular freights are prepared, checked for completeness and loaded according to order of delivery. Arrivals are carefully planned and loading is done in blocks of four hours. We can load four or five trucks in an hour and a half. Thanks to our location system and constant re-scanning, we know the exact position of each of the 400-500 pallets that go through our warehouse each day.”

“No two orders are the same!”

“Quality today means more than excellent products. It includes every step on the route to the client, including packaging, providing information and the final handover. Working closely across departments and with long-standing partners definitely helps.”

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