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Weert, the Netherlands
, 08 Feb 2018 - 00:00

Inspiration in one colour

In May 2015, Bureau d’Architecture Christophe Sechehaye began to convert two existing properties into a building with two apartments and an architectural office. The aim was to create a building that gently draws the attention of passers-by while creating a bird’s eye view of the neighbourhood for the people inside.
The resulting structure blends in with the surrounding architecture, but still stands out in a unique and interesting manner. The first two levels contain the apartments and sections of the office. The building’s basic shape reflects other structures in the vicinity, but rom the roof emerges a striking third level: a large black box. This unusual element houses the meeting room and offers views of the neighbourhood and vegetation while creating a strong signal of space. The large structure perched on top of the building is echoed by a black mailbox near the entrance.
“We wanted to create an exceptional place to receive our clients,” says architect Christophe Sechehaye. “This meeting room is at the centre of our attention, just as we pay special attention to our clients.”

Infinity black

LED light plays on the Trespa®-clad office box and mailbox around the clock, emphasizing the diagonals and animating the two structures, creating volume and movement. “We selected the very matte Meteon® Lumen Diffuse product for the façade because we wanted to put forward the box and subtly attract the gaze of those walking past. If we had to choose a name for the colour we used, we would describe it in a way that relates to deep space, where light is absorbed. ‘Infinity Black’, for example, or ‘Meteorite Black’.”
“The building is a reflection of exactly the kind of architecture that excites us. The Trespa® product has been designed specifically to reflect the sun whilst absorbing some of the light and offering the suggestion of different colours variations. In our opinion, this product fulfils its promises. Its attractive matt surface provides a beautifully diffuse, calm surface that plays with light.” 

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Wall panels - Trespa Meteon LumenWall panels - Trespa Meteon LumenWall panels - Trespa Meteon LumenWall panels - Trespa Meteon Lumen