Trespa Design Centre Barcelona

Since opening its doors in 2011, the Trespa Design Centre Barcelona has been accessible to the trendy and innovative architects of the Spanish architectural community, as well as visitors from all over the world and offers a unique and inspirational location for meeting, learning and networking with architects throughout Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain and Europe.

As a hub for local architects and designers, the Trespa Design Centre Barcelona often hosts lectures, events, and product launches for Trespa, our sister company Arpa Industriale, and our industry partners.

Due to the vibrancy of the neighborhood and the proximity to The Official College of Architects of Cataluña, the programs at the Trespa Design Centre Barcelona attract a diverse group of industry professionals, making it a great place to learn about contemporary topics in architecture, as well as network with other designers.

Calle Ribera 5
08003 Barcelona

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Tel: +34 93 295 41 93
Fax: +34 93 116 33 00
E-mail address:

Monday - Thursday: 9:00AM - 2:00PM, 3:00PM - 6:00PM
Friday: 8:00AM - 3:00PM