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Buscamos profesionales que estén dispuestos a asumir siempre la responsabilidad de seguridad, calidad y sostenibilidad. Si Vd. está orientado a la consecución de resultados, no tiene miedo de tomar decisiones y está dispuesto a trabajar con intensidad y eficiencia, Trespa es la empresa indicada.

Nosotros, a cambio, le apoyaremos en todos los aspectos y le ayudaremos a desarrollar sus aptitudes, talentos y ambiciones. Si desea formar parte de nuestro equipo y encuentra el puesto apropiado para usted, le invitamos a presentar su solicitud. ¡Estamos deseando conocerle!

Current vacancies


18 Octubre 2017
Weert, The Netherlands

The Trespa Technology Centre Laboratory focuses on the use of physical and chemical techniques and methods to characterize and understand the composition, structure, and performance of materials, chemical products, and processes. We work for two Business Areas of our shareholder: Trespa and Arpa. To strengthen our group we are looking for candidates who fit the role of Analytical Development Technician.


27 Julio 2017
Weert, Nederland

Ben jij de handson Manager SHE die bijdraagt aan een veilige en gezonde werkomgeving? Ben jij in staat om het SHE beleid op deskundige wijze te formuleren en te implementeren en breng je jouw team van specialisten tot volle bloei? Welkom bij Trespa…

SENIOR DEVELOPMENT ENGINEER – fiberboard production expert

26 Julio 2017
Weert, The Netherlands

Trespa International B.V. is now seeking an exceptional individual, who as a Senior Development Engineer – fiberboard production expert will be responsible for the conceptual thinking of the future products based on dry-forming process and the management and execution of development projects related to the natural fiber products.

Senior Development Engineer – fiberboard production expert will work both for Trespa in the Netherlands and Arpa Industriale S.p.A. in Italy.  


14 Junio 2017
Hamburg, Deutschland

Trespa International B.V., ein Innovationsführer im Bereich architektonischer Materialien, ist international als führender Entwickler von qualitativ hochwertigen HPL Tafeln für Fassaden- und Balkonbekleidungen bekannt.

Für unsere deutsche Tochtergesellschaft die Trespa Deutschland GmbH suchen wir den Junior Gebietsverkaufsleiter Fassade -  Hamburg

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5 Mayo 2017
Weert, The Netherlands

Trespa International B.V. in the Netherlands and Arpa Industriale S.p.A. in Italy produce High Pressure Laminates (HPL). HPL consists of layers of cellulose fibre,  kraft paper, impregnated with thermosetting resins and bonded through the combined action of heat and pressure. Both companies are owned by Broadview Holding B.V.

The R & D is centralized to Weert which is around 30 km from Eindhoven, The Netherlands.


5 Mayo 2017
Weert, the Netherlands

Trespa International B.V. is a leading innovator in the field of architectural materials, recognized internationally as a premier developer of high quality panels for exterior cladding/decorative façades, and scientific surfaces. With unique insights into key market challenges, trends and demands, Trespa passionately delivers innovative aesthetically inspiring and high performance solutions for a wide range of needs.