SAHMRI Project, Lab of the YEAR 2015
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Trespa at SEFA Event of the Year

Hollywood, FL, United States

, 21 Jan 2016 - 10:51

Trespa North America participated at SEFA's (Scientific Equipment and Furniture Association) annual meeting and trade show, which took place in Hollywood, FL, from November 4th-6th, 2015.

More than 100 attendees registered for the main meeting, which included regular member employees, speakers, guests and sponsor exhibitors. The event included year reviews, financial and membership reports as well as multilevel work committee meetings. There were key note speeches from SEFA Advisory Board while Charles Klee from Payette and Malcolm Barksdale/ Lloyd Fisk from RFD (Research Facility Design) presented a virtual tour of the SAHMRI Project, which won the 2015 Lab of the Year Award.

The wining project is South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute, a biomedical research facility and headquarters which are designed for maximum flexibility and adaptability. All research and support spaces are designed to be readily adaptable as equipment, instrumentation and specialty requirements are known.

SEFA has been a long time co-sponsor of the R&D Lab of the Year Awards Program, a long and exciting tradition that awards involved SEFA members. Besides the SAHMRI project, RFD (Research Facility Design) received the Award for planning and being collaborative partner for the project.

Trespa is proud to receive and have been involved with the 2015 winning Lab of the Year project. It is not the first time that a project in which the scientific surface solutions company has been involved has received this prestigious SEFA recognition. In 2011, King Abdullah University for Science & Technology in Saudi Arabia took the award, while in 2012 it was won by the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery in Madison. In all three cases, Trespa is proud to be involved because of excellent and loyal system manufactures, dealers and fabricators.

Trespa North America is a long term and active member of SEFA since 1993. Trespa's Scientific Surface Solutions team members have different functions within the organization. Valerie Ross, National Sales Manager USA, is the actual Chairman of the work surfaces committee. Ingo Sternitzke, Global Business Manager, is the Chairman of the SEFA International committee and also one of the Board Directors.

SEFA is an organization which enables and supports all involved parties in creating safe and effective laboratory environments. Its aim is to be the leader in creating laboratory solutions that combine organizational, technological and environmental systems that responds creatively to strategic business issues. SEFA strives to be the premier organization by providing leadership and teaching member and constituent groups to work together as a coherent group to create laboratory solutions.

Working committees create and specify Recommended Practice. SEFA members work together to establish, monitor and modify industry-wide Recommended Practices in a lot of laboratory related areas, furniture systems and equipment. Through SEFA Recommended Practices, member companies take charge of the conditions and environment in which they work, raising the level of responsiveness in their industry, thus providing the customer with quality products and services.