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View of the City

Bau, Munich, Germany
, 16 Ene 2019 - 10:10

Introducing brand new, unique HPL decors for outstanding façades

The Trespa® Meteon® collection of cladding panels for ventilated façade systems has been enriched with new, unique HPL decors in the Focus, Lumen, Naturals, Wood and Uni Colour series, clearing the way for boundless creativity and endless design possibilities.

The Trespa® Meteon® Focus product line has been extended with three new decors: Chester, Bilbao and Tribeca. Intriguing patterns, enriched with delightful details – from far away they could seem unicolour, but take a closer look and a world of particulars will appear. 

The Trespa® Meteon® Focus collection is all about traces and compositions. We found inspiration not only in nature, but also in traditional craftmanship, such as stoneworking in all its forms, and combined it with our technology to develop aesthetically pleasing and durable façade materials. They are a virtual mix of technology and creative workmanship, of traces left by human and nature, of abstract and concrete details. 

All Focus decors come in the extremely matt Diffuse finish only to further enhance their aesthetic qualities. Of course, the designs are developed so that the eye cannot identify any repetition pattern.

Endless combinations

The Trespa® Meteon® Lumen collection has been enriched with Iceland Grey, Alabama Grey and California Red. Lumen was introduced to bring façades to life by playing with light effects and thus creating the right atmosphere for every building. Light can be used in a creative way just by reflecting, breaking, amplifying or attenuating it, and this is exactly what Lumen does with its three different finishes Diffuse, Oblique and Specular. Diffuse has a low light reflectivity and removes glossiness and texture, giving the façade a smooth, subdued matt appearance. Oblique, with its pleasantly uneven matt and gloss surface, creates a natural, weathered look, while Specular adds a glossy liveliness by reflecting its surroundings. The Trespa® Meteon® Lumen collection now offers 14 tones to increase combinability even more, and also lends itself very well to creative combinations with Focus decors.

Other newcomers to the Trespa® Meteon® collection include two variants in the Naturals product line: Italian Slate and Natural Slate, inspired on this fine-grained and foliated rock. The Wood Decors collection was extended with Tropical Ipe. To make it easier to bring the unrivaled beauty of ipe hardwoods also to homes and light commercial buildings, Trespa added this decor to its Trespa Pura NFC® siding line as well. 

New colours, same durability

Trespa® Meteon® panels perform exceptionally well outdoors and have an excellent weather resistance. Sun and rain have no significant effect on the panel’s surface and the product is highly scratch and impact resistant. Its closed surface withstands dirt accumulation, making it easy to clean and to maintain. In order to guarantee our high quality standards, every decor has been tested individually. These characteristics makes them highly durable: façades with Trespa® cladding will look great for many years. 

Trespa Second Life

Sustainability became key part of Trespa’s strategy in 2010. Over the years, Trespa has put a lot of effort into monitoring and improving our environmental performance and implemented a number of projects and activities. Trespa now launches Trespa Second Life, where façade panels after their service time - instead of being disposed - can be reused for outdoor furniture and many other applications. For more information, go to

BAU 2019

In occasion of BAU 2019, Trespa presents ‘Trespa View of the City’. This innovative concept shows the renewed Trespa® Meteon® and Trespa Pura NFC® portfolio in an elegant play of lights, angles and perspectives, while highlighting the company’s core values.

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