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Design contest ‘Trespa Iberia & Arquitectes per l’Arquitectura’

Barcelona. Spain
, 01 Jan 2019 - 11:32

Arquitectes per l’Arquitectura, together with Trespa Iberia, call for a Design Contest for young architects and architecture students. This call raises the development and adaptation of the old Telefónica de Francesc Mitjans building on Avenida de Roma in Barcelona to the new realities of energy demand, sustainability and urban landscape, as well as to housing policy.


Students and professionals in architecture under 40 years old can participate in this contest, in collaboration with other disciplines.


The Francesc Mitjans building on Avenida de Roma stopped belonging to the company of Telecommunications in 2007, the year in which it was sold. Acquired and sold again in several occasions by different investment funds during the crisis, finally it began his works of rehabilitation a few years ago. The goal of the big project has been to convert 100% of the surface in luxury homes. The City Council has been obliged to suspend the works twice, the last time in May 2018.

Being a piece of great volume, located in a central place, and being in the spotlight of the conflict, the contest raises its solution as a stimulating challenge. The current status of building, that after a partial demolition only conserves the structures, makes it ideal to rethink it in terms of energy demand, sustainability and urban landscape by applying the products that Trespa Iberia offers. Update a building of one of the great masters of modern architecture built in Catalonia is a complex and large-scale act responsibility.

On the other hand, and taking into account the new realities in housing policy, 30% of these homes will go to public housing. The result of the proposal should have in account the versatility of closures and their adaptation to changing social demands, as to the new configurations of the family nuclei that inhabit these spaces.

Terms and conditions

To highlight the improvements that these systems can bring, Trespa Iberia puts at the disposal of the participants all their exterior solutions. You can find technical information on and on, and also request specific data specific via

The project´s own documentation will be provided at the time of registration.


On a A2 format, the different representations that are deemed appropriate will be considered explaining the developed study (plants, construction sections, demand graphs energetic, axonometric, etc).

You can combine all the elements of Trespa Iberia provided, always assessing the correct correspondence between cost and effect, providing the necessary common sense. The Trespa material applied in facades, innovation in its application, its relationship with the city and the result of energy demand will be the main selection criteria.

The expertise in interior housing solutions will be complementary but not defining, not being the main objective of the contest, but the necessary relationship between plant and elevation for  the definition of a good architectural housing project.

In all cases the systems and outdoor products used will be in the catalog of the promoter of the Trespa Iberia contest, which will advise the contestant whenever needed.

Any proposal that the jury deems it is deriving from plagiarism of an existing project will be automatically disqualified. The participant will be responsible for any claim by third parties that  may occur in relation to the authorship of the project presented.


Participants can register by email to with copy to

Registration is unique, regardless of the members who sign the project, and will grant a participant number, which will serve to identify as author / authors. The works and all sent material must be identified with a slogan.


All documentation must arrive at the Arquitectes per L´Arquitectura headquarters through the email with a copy to before April 24 of 2019.


The Jury, constituted by two architects partners of Arquitectes per l’Arquitectura, – Esteve Terradas and Juan Trias de Bes–, Fernando Coronas, technical director of Trespa Iberia, and Xavier Ferrés, from Ferrés Arquitectos y Consultores-, will award a prize of € 4,000 to the project winner and two second prizes of € 500 each.

The Jury may also grant special mentions, without economic compensation, to featured projects.

The prize may be declared void if it is considered by the majority – half plus one – of the members of the jury. The result of the contest will be communicated to the winners after the signature of the jury minutes.

The award ceremony will be held on May 16, 2019, at the Trespa Design Centre in Barcelona, coinciding with the edition of Construmat 2019. Arquitectes per l’Arquitectura and Trespa Iberia will duly inform of the exact time of delivery.


The intellectual property of the submitted projects corresponds to their authors by the single fact of its creation. If Trespa Iberia chooses to develop a solution derived from the project winner will agree with the author and with the supervision of Arquitectes per l’Arquitectura a contract that will contemplate the liquidation of certain fees.

Trespa Iberia will have preferential negotiation rights to develop projects with any of the authors of the other proposals presented, always making reference to participation in the contest.

Acceptance of the terms

Participation in the Design Contest ‘Trespa Iberia and Arquitectes per l’Arquitectura’ assumes full acceptance of these bases. In case of non-compliance of some of them, the submitted project will be excluded from the contest.

Arquitectes per l’Arquitectura and Trespa Iberia reserve the right to modify any condition of these bases, and the dates and place of the delivery of the prize and mentions.

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