Zeeburgerbaai Amsterdam wall panels
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Trespa® Meteon®-wall panels as a second skin on the homes in Zeeburgerbaai

Amsterdam, Netherlands
, 09 Jun 2018 - 12:37

That the Dutch know how to manage water and overcome its challenges is clearly demonstrated by a unique residential construction project in Zeeburgerbaai in Amsterdam. Twenty-eight homes are being built here on Steigereiland, the first island in IJburg. The 24 semi-detached and 4 detached homes designed by Attika Architekten stand on platforms supported on piles: the recently completed Willem Barlowsteiger (phase 1) and the Edmond Halleysteiger (phase 2). The homes’ aluminium façades are clad with a second skin made from Trespa® Meteon® wall panels in metallic tints.

High level of interest

Experiencing the many facets of living on water is central to the spatial design of the homes. Interestingly, the decision to live on water is increasingly motivated by fun and lifestyle rather than any perceived necessity (lack of space, rising water levels). More and more people simply like the idea of living on water. So the homes in Zeeburgerbaai immediately aroused a great deal of interest. Living on water with panoramic views and different colors and reflections every hour of the day, in a quiet environment and yet only minutes away from the city. That makes living here so special. A bridge provides access to the platform, which has a semi-public space in the middle between the generously dimensioned homes on each side. Ooms Bouw en Ontwikkeling was responsible for developing and constructing the project.

Attractive presentation

Attika Architekten chose ‘Power of Water’ as their source of inspiration for the project. The façade features two layers. The outer layer characterises the water platform as a whole. Large cut-outs in this layer reveal the surfaces behind in a play of coordinated Metallics colors. “Our initial design called for a white outer layer, however that decision had to be reviewed as the project progressed,” says Susanne Aniba of Attika Architekten. “Firstly, because we could not find a proven and durable material with the desired appearance. And secondly because white homes on water are very sensitive to dirt and other residues. We are convinced that the choice of Trespa® Meteon® wall panels will give the homes an attractive appearance all year round. Furthermore, the material requires hardly any maintenance and is easy to clean.”

Meteon® Metallics wall panels

Approximately 1000 square metres of 6 mm thick Trespa® Meteon® wall panels have been installed for phase 1 of the project. Mustard Yellow, Amber, Copper Yellow and Titanium Bronze are the four Metallics colors used for this phase. Four different Metallics colors will also be used in the second phase of the project. Northern Light has already been selected as one of those colors. The construction work for phase 2 has now started. The twelve semi-detached and two detached homes on the Edmond Halleysteiger will be completed during the course of 2019.

Zeeburgerbaai Amsterdam Wall panels Trespa

Zeeburgerbaai Amsterdam Wall panels Trespa

Zeeburgerbaai Amsterdam Wall panels Trespa

Zeeburgerbaai Amsterdam Wall panels Trespa

Zeeburgerbaai Amsterdam Wall panels Trespa


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