#MakingIsDesign with SITU Studio

62 Greene Street (Ground Floor)


SITU Studio will present recent work that highlights the role of making in its practice. Drawing inspiration from the robust community of tinkerers, programmers, technologists and craftspeople that collectively form the Maker Movement, SITU will explore the trajectory of architecture during the 3rd Industrial Revolution and the diminishing distinctions between thinking, drawing and making.

Situ Studio works with a diverse range of clients to realize projects that prioritize progressive thinking and design experimentation over any stylistic or formal agenda. Drawing upon a deep knowledge of tools and available technologies, Situ seeks opportunities to turn budgetary, disciplinary, programmatic and site constraints into opportunities for design innovation.

Making is the foundation for all of Situ’s work. Split evenly between a studio and workshop space, Situ’s office is set up to fully integrate material research, testing, prototyping, and fabrication into the design process itself. This approach seeks to place the virtual and physical components of the practice into a productive and non-linear relationship that creates space for the act of making to become a generative part of the design process.

Currently, Situ is working on a redesign of the New York Hall of Science's 10,000 square foot exhibition space titled Design Lab dedicated to hands-on learning and experimentation as well as an exhibition at BLDG 92 in the Brooklyn Navy Yard titled Making it in NYC which is dedicated to showcasing work by local designers and manufacturers who are part of the broader movement of bringing making and manufacturing back to New York. Situ is also engaged with the exhibition Uneven Growth: Tactical Urbanism for Expanding Megacities, which will open at the Museum of Modern Art in November 2014. Past projects include Heartwalk, a public installation made from salvaged board planks collected in the wake of Hurricane Sandy and reOrder at Brooklyn Museum, winner of Interior Design Best of Year Award in 2011. In 2006 Situ received the Award for Excellence in Design by the Art Commission of the City of New York for its work on the Flight 587 Memorial.



IN THE IMAGE (right): On-site fabrication of panels in Studio - the second of four new exhibition/program spaces dedicated to hands-on learning in Design Lab at New York Hall of Science.