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Trespa intensifies contact with decision-makers at Tradeline College and University Science & Engineering Facilities

Weert, the Netherlands
, 15 Dec 2017 - 11:40

Presence at conferences is a key instrument for Trespa International B.V. to establish and boost contact with planners and decision-makers. The manufacturer of high-quality laboratory panels once again successfully achieved this aim at this Tradeline exhibition in St. Petersburg, FL, United States.

Trespa’s Scientific Surface Solution Team presented its products and services at the “College & University Science Facilities 2017” conference, which took place from November 16th-17th. Trespa was able to extend its network for future and planned laboratory and research projects.

The cooperation between Trespa and Tradeline, Inc. has a long history. The company has attended the conferences several times a year for many years. Geared exclusively to specialists in the industry, their aim is to bring together experts from institutions, companies and the government, to provide them with the latest technical information, and to plan and coordinate the main research areas and projects.

As a result, Trespa was able not only to cultivate existing contacts, but also to establish new ones – a key to increasing awareness of the brand and to being included early on in current and future laboratory projects.

Additionally, it was another event Excellence4Lab attended together. Trespa is part of Excellence4Lab, a strategic cooperation of independent companies, all of them leading manufacturers and global players in a particular area of the laboratory industry. Partners are asecos GmbH from Germany and BROEN-LAB A/S from Denmark.

Trespa’s Scientific Surface Solution - Tradeline

Trespa’s Scientific Surface Solution - Tradeline