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Read the newest Think Trespa Magazine

Weert, Netherlands
, 19 Feb 2015 - 17:23

The third issue of Think Trespa Magazine is out! The newest edition of the publication, dedicated to the excellence and meaningful ventilated façades, focuses on creating unique identities and customization.

A worldwide range projects show that uniqueness can be achieved by combining the existing 121 standard Trespa® Meteon® decors or by developing custom made colors. Outdated aesthetics can be reinterpreted to improve the quality of life of citizens and their surroundings; and little details can make large impacts on small-call applications.

In this issue, readers can also learn about the tests that ensure the Trespa® Meteon®’s color stability  in the face of extreme weather. It also emphasizes the work done by Trespa Design Centre Barcelona, which serves as a hub for local architects and designers.

Through the pages, it is also possible to experience the new six elegant and timeless grey Wood Decors and seven Naturals, especially designed to create lively façades with a weathered look.

Think Trespa is available in four languages (English, French, German and Spanish). To subscribe or to read some articles, click here.