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Marseille hotel stands out and blends in with faceted façade

Marseille, France
, 29 Mar 2018 - 15:02

Seduced by metallic reflections

Distinct grey tones splashed with fuchsia mark the façade of ‘The Dome’, a luxurious apartment hotel near the Marseille sports arena of the same name. The grey façade and light and dark wedges around the front and back of the building act as a recognizable beacon.

The 12 floor apartment building on the busy Boulevard du Maréchal Juin offers 98 furnished apartments. The rear along the quiet Boulevard de la Fédération offers an urban retreat. “Environment and context must be the foundation of an architect’s conception,” says Architect Didier Roche of Cabinet Archipôle Sud. “However, we wanted this façade to arouse surprise and curiosity, too. The simple squared windows embedded in the façade offer a sleek urban contrast to the beige balconies of the neighboring structures. Alternating triangles create the illusion that the building’s façade is in motion. The fuchsia colour provides an animated and illuminating finishing touch.” 

Architecture is an adventure

The overall effect is neither linear nor flat. Instead, successive waves of shiny grey façade cladding allow light to be reflected in different ways, according to their angle. Roche took a sculptural approach to the project; the material used for the façade allowed him to express himself through different configurations. The materials used provided exactly the perspective which the architectural team wanted.

Architecture is an adventure,” Roche says. “Each project is unique and has its own particular style. It’s important that we modify our approach for each project, making every façade relevant to the type of building, whether this is a houses, office or public facility. This particular faceted façade was inspired by the grey aluminium-coloured panels, with their dominant colour that changes with their angle. We were seduced by the metallic reflections of these panels, which gave us the idea to create a ‘façade in motion’ and the dynamic return using a three-dimensional effect based on creative use of the supporting construction. This resulted in triangular shapes and futuristic ripples that change in tone according to the position of the sun or moon, the time of the day, and the season.”

Cladding panels for ventilated façade   Cladding panels for ventilated façade

Cladding panels for ventilated façade   Cladding panels for ventilated façade



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