Trespa Express

Do you know the Trespa Express program? 
Let us help you get started again with your façade projects.  

Trespa® Express program is a fast delivery program, consisting out of 4 predefined duo colour panels from stock, that can be delivered within 1 week! 

Trespa® Meteon® duocolour panels on stock offer 4 predefined combinations for 6 Uni Colours:



Trespa® Express

panel item number

A25.8.1 Anthracite Grey

A03.0.0 White


A25.8.1 Anthracite Grey

A90.0.0 Black


A05.0.0 Pure White

A21.5.1 Mid Grey


A05.0.0 Pure White

A03.4.0 Silver Grey



These Trespa® Meteon® panels have a Satin finish. They are only available in FR grade, 4270x2130mm size and 8mm thickness.

The minimum order quantity is one full pallet, which consist of 10 panels.


Contact your local distributor to order Trespa® Express.


*Specific rules apply: The delivery time is an indication and it is not guaranteed. The programme is available only for projects in selected countries in Europe, and the delivery to UK customers will be possible only after the completion of a questionnaire provided by Trespa. The Trespa International B.V. General Terms and Conditions of Sale apply for the deliveries of the Trespa® Express programme.


Trespa Express Delivery