For over 50 years Trespa has been manufacturing high performance cladding panels for building projects around  the world. Trespa has his headquarters in Weert, The Netherlands.

1960  –  1970:    The formative years

1960 Start of the Thermopal business in Weert, manufacturing high pressure laminates.
1961 Sales Organization established in the Netherlands.
1967 Launch of Trespa Volkern.

1970-1990: The changing and innovative years

1971 Hoechst acquires the business.
1984 Introduction new patented production technology for core materials based on wood fibers and phenolic resin, which partly replace the method of impregnating paper. This new process is known as 'Dry Forming.‘
1987 Commercialization of patented Electronic Beam Curing (EBC) technology with the launch of Trespa Generation 2, meeting increasingly higher standards for surface performance.

1990 – present:    The exploring and inspiring years

1995 Trespa International is founded.
1996 Trespa International is acquired by HAL Holding NV.
2001 An innovative press with 30 daylights is put into production, the largest press in the world at that time.
2003 Introduction of woodprint decors.
2004 Trespa obtains ISO 14001 accreditation.
2005 Trespa launches ‘Perspectives’ initiative, focusing on design.
2008 Introduction of ZF panel size (4270 x 2130 mm,≈ 168 x 83 INCH).
2008 Opening of Trespa Design Centre New York.
2011 Opening of Trespa Design Centre Barcelona.
2012 Opening of Trespa Design Centre Santiago de Chile.