Corporate Identity


Organizations use combinations of colors, design and words to make visual statements that reflect their identity and vision. Corporate Identity defines both how organizations look at themselves and how they want to be recognized by others.

Trespa helps organizations to communicate their Corporate Identity on buildings. Trespa has developed a unique path to conceptualize, design and realize full facade solutions. By connecting the exterior of a building to a Corporate Identity, the building contributes to the brand value. Trespa® Meteon® architectural panels have successfully been used in multiple Corporate Identity Programs of numerous corporations around the world. 


Translating a Corporate Identity into a Facade Identity is a challenge which requires architects and graphic designers to work closely together. In addition to a full range of Trespa® Meteon® panels in different colors, finishes and sizes, Trespa also offers custom made solutions via customer specific colors and custom patterns. Trespa provides design freedom to create a Facade Identity.

Trespa offers a global network of technical and commercial specialists with offices in Europe, Asia Pacific, North America and South America. This well connected network helps companies in both designing and realizing their Corporate Identity on facades across the world.


Color is an important element in creating a Corporate Identity. Trespa’s vast collection of colors, panel sizes, textures and finishes offers a wide range of design options. Even more compelling is the ability to produce virtually any custom color, even for smaller project sizes. By using custom colors, existing brand images can be perfectly translated into facade concepts. Co-designing the facade is critical to achieve the best translation of a Corporate Identity into a Facade Identity.

In order to facilitate the design creation process, Trespa has opened Design Centres and showrooms around the world in New York (USA), Barcelona (Spain) and Santiago (Chile). These venues allow architects and owners to be inspired with Trespa’s products and to envision how their brand can be reinforced by working together with the market leader in exterior cladding.


Trespa Corporate Identity services utilizes the global network of Trespa to facilitate global delivery of facade panels. Corporate Identity projects can be global, multi-country or single-country. Using the expertise of Trespa has enabled corporate clients to realize newly-built projects, renovation projects and re-branding projects. Quick turnaround times being essential, Trespa has successfully supported both local and global Corporate Identity projects. Trespa is recommended by many satisfied customers who have experienced Trespa panels to be an excellent fit to accomplish high quality, durable Corporate Identity solutions.