The basis of Trespa’s sustainability policy is a strong belief that any change should start with the company itself. Trespa’s approach to sustainable development is framed by three basic principles:


1. Do No Harm

Trespa’s first task is to comply with the safety, product and sustainability rules and guidelines set by the countries that it operates in. In addition, Trespa is looking for opportunities to minimize the impact of its operations and products.

2. Do Good

The second element of Trespa’s policy is that it strives to help its customers realize their sustainability challenges. This means that Trespa looks for opportunities to maximize the sustainability contribution of its products in their end-use, e.g. façade cladding.

Moreover, Trespa will continue to look for opportunities and initiatives to support and promote longer term sustainable development beyond the direct scope of its current operations.

3. Do Better

Finally, Trespa believes new business opportunities will arise from sustainable development. Many sustainability challenges also constitute opportunities that make good business sense today and will allow the company to continue to grow its business.