Interior - Trespa® Virtuon®

Unique surfaces for clean, durable and attractive interiors

The importance of hygiene has long been recognised by designers and owners of many interior environments. Trespa offers resilient and colourful products – an innovative interior solution engineered for exceptional performance in hygiene, cleanliness and design freedom.  From healthcare facilities and public buildings to transport terminals and retail settings, think Trespa® Virtuon®.  

Trespa® Virtuon® is a decorative high-pressure compact laminate (HPL) with a surface manufactured using Trespa’s unique in-house technology, Electron Beam Curing (EBC). Developed for demanding interior applications, Trespa’s underlying technology combines wood-based fibres with thermosetting resins under high pressure and at high temperatures, transforming them into robust panels that meet the most exacting specifications.  The unique properties of Trespa® Virtuon® make them highly durable with a long life of retained appearance.

Designed for frequent cleaning

Because of its closed EBC composition, Trespa® Virtuon® surfaces are smooth and show significantly low dirt pick up - thus making the product easy to clean and disinfect. Panels can be produced in a variety of sizes, including an exceptionally large 4270 x 2130 mm (± 168 x 83 in), which minimises the number of joints and connections needed.

Its dense and homogeneous core leaves crisp, clean edges and uniform openings when machined using standard carpentry tools. Switches, controls and other openings can be cleanly slotted into the panels, and floor-to-wall joints can be made flush. These properties minimise the dirt entrapment and enables effective and easy cleaning methods.

Resistant to bacteria

Trespa® Virtuon® has inherent antibacterial properties, without the addition of antimicrobial additives. An independent test by the British Industrial Microbiological Services Ltd (IMSL) shows a near elimination of certain bacteria after 24 hours. 

Easy installation

Design is important, yet fabrication and installation are critical to a project’s success. Trespa® Virtuon® can be machined similar to high-quality hardwood using standard carpentry tools. With a variety of installation methods and finishing options, Trespa® Virtuon® frees the project team to create interiors with a personal touch.  

Fire behaviour

Two classes of Trespa® Virtuon® are available: Standard grade and enhanced Fire-Retardant grade (FR). 

* For more details on availability please contact your local Trespa representative