Balconies - Trespa® Meteon®

Safe and attractive panels for balconies

For decades, famous balcony installers trust in Trespa. Balconies need a product which meet the toughest standards in terms of creative expression, safety and durability. Trespa® Meteon® offers contractors, installers and architects with its 10-year Product Warranty, a safe and long-lasting product with an attractive design and low maintenance. Due to the excellent product characteristics, Trespa® Meteon® is the preferred product for designing and installing balconies.

Trespa® Meteon® is  a decorative high-pressure compact laminate (HPL) with an integral surface manufactured using Trespa’s unique in-house technology, Electron Beam Curing (EBC). The blend of up to 70% wood-based fibres and thermosetting resins, manufactured under high pressures and temperatures yields a highly stable, dense panel with good strength-to-weight ratio’s. 

Balconies –panels with limitless possibilities

Trespa® Meteon® is ideally suited for balcony panels and balustrades. Panels combine aesthetic qualities with high impact resistance, providing safety and shelter with style. Trespa® Meteon® is an extremely versatile material. The panels can be combined easily with other building materials and are available in a wide range of colors to add an extra dimension, enhance an existing colour scheme or provide contrast. To appeal to everyone’s eye, Trespa® Meteon® offers the possibility for panels with a different colour on each side, creating a private atmosphere on the balcony without outside observation. Although Trespa® Meteon® itself is not a structural material, many balcony-specific fixing options are compatible with the material, too. More information is available on balcony fixing systems here.

Weather resistant and colour stable

Trespa® Meteon® panels perform outdoors exceptionally well. Sun and rain will have no significant effect on the panel’s surface. The panels are practically impervious to acid rain as well. Accelerated weathering tests are the best measure of performance, and recent trials continue to rank Trespa® Meteon®’s decorative surface at high classifications for UV-resistance and colour stability.

Low maintenance

Trespa® Meteon® panels are robust and nonreactive, so no coatings or protective cover is required. The  closed, pore-free surfaces of dense HPL practically eliminate dirt accumulation, keeping Trespa® Meteon® smooth and easy to clean. 

Solid and sturdy

Consistent and high-density throughout, Trespa® Meteon® holds bolts, screws and other mechanical fixings solidly. The panels have good compressive and tensile strength and excellent pullout and impact resistance, yet Trespa® Meteon® is easily machinable and workable. 

Safe and secure

Trespa is committed to the safety of its processes and products. Two classes of Trespa® Meteon® are available*: Standard grade and enhanced Fire-Retardant grade (FR). Trespa® Meteon®’s standard delivery program complies with European Standard EN 438-6 and has been accepted for the European Economic Area (EEA) mandatory CE mark according to the EN 438-7. 

* Availability limited – contact your local Trespa representative for more details

10 year Product warranty

The Trespa® Meteon® range is backed by a 10-year product warranty.