BAG – Group Benvitec

BAG NV offers post forming solutions for Trespa® panels. Using special techniques, modified Trespa® panels can be curved in U-, Z-, L- or other forms. Typical applications are working tables, back splashes, dividing walls and laboratory panels.


EGNATON e.V. is a pan-European network of experts that aims to improve the level of sustainability in European laboratories. EGNATON is the linking pin between government and industry. Leading industry partners collectively develop new sustainable laboratory solutions and set industry norms.


Excellence4Lab offers a wealth of experience providing clients with premium-quality products, efficient logistics and services and local presence all over the world. We recognize your needs, understand your pressures and we will save you time. Talk to us once – and we will give you the very best of four worlds:

ASECOS ® GmbH  is the leading European manufacturer of safety storage cabinets for flammable liquids. We offer more than 1,800 technical solutions for storage, handling, safe transportation and ventilation of hazardous materials.

FRIATEC AG is a specialist company for products made of non-corrosive and wear-resistant materials. Under the brand name FRIDURIT, we manufacture laboratory bench tops and sinks made of Technical Ceramics as well as fume scrubbers and neutralization units for the global market in dialogue with our customers.

BROEN LAB develops, manufactures and delivers complete range of fittings for professional laboratories as well as a complete range of emergency showers complying with the European Committee Standardisation requirements DS/EN 15154 1 and 2.

SEFA (Scientific Equipment and Furniture Association)

SEFA is an organization which enables and supports all involved parties in creating humane, safe and effective laboratory environments. Our aim is to be the leader in creating laboratory solutions that combine organizational, technological and environmental systems that respond creatively to strategic business issues. 
SEFA strives to be the premier organization by providing leadership and teaching member and constituent groups to work together as a coherent group to create laboratory solutions.

SIMMONS (Mouldings) Ltd

SIMMONS produces a range of edging profiles that can be supplied in loose lengths to attach to Trespa ® high pressure compact laminate worktops. The color range of the profiles matches each of the individual TopLab®PLUS colors as available in the Trespa® portfolio.

VIP 3000

VIP 3000 is a quality network for cleanrooms and pharmaceutical construction and its main scope is to promote ideas and visions for the market. Its members are leading institutions and companies of the cleanroom industry, as well as suppliers, planners and service providers.